Typhoon Santi: Situationer and Advisories

Here’s a compilation of recent tweets and retweets regarding incoming Typhoon Santi. Please note that these are copied as is. Let us know if there has been a misinformation and we’ll do our best to rectify them immediately.

Fast facts:

  • Typhoon Milenyo (international name: Xangsane) was a category 4 typhoon with maximum wind speeds at 215 km/h. [source]
  • Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) dropped 455mm (17.5 in) of rain on Metro Manila on 26 September 2009. [source]
  • Pepeng (international name: Parma) dropped heavy rains on Northern Luzon and made landfall three times.

All the latest bulletins for Mirinae posted – http://bit.ly/3DMWnM [via @bicolanodevil] [10/28 06:32]


  • Status of dams in Luzon: http://tinyurl.com/ycw59gl [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:23]
  • Fair weather is expected Saturday afternoon, according to Pagasa spokesman Nathaniel Cruz. [via @sunstaronline] [10/31 11:39]


  1. If my calculations are correct, the northern parts of Metro Manila will be close to the center of Santi [via @bicolanodevil] [10/30 11:33]
  2. Based on latest bulletins, this will be very very close to Metro Manila from tonight until tomorrow morning. If I am calculating this right, this should pass Metro Manila between midnight until early morning. Midnight tonight that is. Storms at night poses more problems so be sure everybody is where they should be before night falls [via @bicolanodevil] [10/30 11:25]


  • As of 11am, Typhoon “SANTI” is now in the vicinity of Lubang Island and moving towards the South China Sea [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:22]
  • ‘The worst is over’; Santi now over South China Sea: http://bit.ly/2M4gxX [via @gmanewstv] [10/31 12:04]
  • PAGASA 11 am update: Typhoon “Santi” to leave RP by Sunday night, Nov. 1. [via @ANCALERTS] [10/31 11:21]
  • Tropical Depression 23’s 5-day track: http://is.gd/4C7vs


  • Pagasa said Typhoon Santi has weakened slightly Saturday morning with maximum sustained winds of 120 kph. [via @sunstaronline] [10/31 11:38]
  • PAGASA: Typhoon “SANTI” continues to threaten Aurora-Quezon area. [via @ANCALERTS] [10/30 11:22]
  • Santi’s rains is less than Ondoy’s rains [via @PAGASAWeather] [10/29 17:34]
  • As of 4:00pm, Typhoon Santi was located 800 km East of Baler, Aurora. It has maintained its maximum sustained wind of 150 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 185 kph. It is is moving West at 20 kph. Tomorrow Afternoon, Santi is expected to be at 350 km East of Casiguran, Aurora. [via @PAGASAWeather] [10/29 17:28]
  • Santi is expected to be at 440 km East of Casiguran, Aurora Tomorrow Morning. Saturday Morning: in the vicinity of Casiguran, Aurora or 210 km Northeast of Manila. Sunday Morning: 170 km West of Dagupan City, Pangasinan or 280 km Northwest of Manila [via @PAGASAWeather] [10/29 11:33]
  • MANILA – Typhoon Santi is forecasted to make a landfall on Saturday. [via @sunstaronline] [10/29 11:12]
  • MANILA – Typhoon Santi is moving at 24 kph with max sustained winds of 150kph and gustiness of 185kph. [via @sunstaronline] [10/29 11:12]
  • MANILA -Typhoon Santi now at 890 km east of Casiguran, Aurora. [via @sunstaronline] [10/29 11:10]
  • Typhoon ‘Santi’ enters Philippine seas http://url4.eu/gMdA [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/29 02:29]
  • As of 4:00 pm, TYPHOON Mirinae was located 1,390 km East of Central Luzon. Coordinates are 16.2°N, 136.7°E. It has a maximum sustained wind of 120 kph and gustiness of up to 150 kph. It is moving West at 22 kph [via @PAGASAWeather] [10/28 17:20]


  • President Arroyo orders preemptive evacuation in areas to be hit by typhoon Santi. [via @sunstaronline] [10/30 13:32]
  • Ambuklao, Pantabangan dams releasing water in anticipation of “Santi” [via @ANCALERTS] [10/30 11:27]
  • Govt pre-positioned goods, equipment in Central, Southern Luzon, areas to be hit by typhoon Santi [via @sunstaronline] [10/28 14:53]


  1. PNRC advices families to prepare their survival kits including food,water,medicines, hygiene kit that can be useful in times of emergencies [via @BayaNiJuan] [10/30 11:23]


  1. NDCC report on missing boats from Claveria, Cagayan http://tinyurl.com/yadjx8h [via @NBN_Ch4] [11/03 11:47]
  2. NDCC: Over 300,000 people affected by Typhoon “Santi” [via @ANCALERTS] [11/03 09:08]
  3. ‘Santi’ leaves 10 dead, 50 villages flooded http://tinyurl.com/yd5b9dg [via @sunstaronline] [11/01 01:28]
  4. 10 killed, 4 missing as ‘Santi’ exits http://bit.ly/BcYxj [via @ABSCBNNews] [11/01 00:36]
  5. Philippines Lashed by Deadly Storm http://bit.ly/3ViBsv [via @WSJ] [10/31 18:30]
  6. Video: Typhoon Santi (Mirinae) Crosses Luzon, Philippines http://bit.ly/1J8G7h [via @TourismPinas] [10/31 16:07]
  7. 116,000 flee floods spawned by Santi http://tinyurl.com/y87ep58 [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/31 14:28]
  8. Santi’s wrath: photos courtesy of James Reynold, storm chaser par excellence – http://bit.ly/4j7CQH, http://bit.ly/133l2O, http://bit.ly/3RQ7j4 [via @bicolanodevil] [10/13:32]
  9. Thousands flee homes as ‘Santi’ hits Calabarzon http://tinyurl.com/ydbok7o [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/31 13:23]
  10. Batangas. Father, son missing after Batangas bridge collapse http://bit.ly/2d9wuX [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 15:03]
  11. Cavite. Twister in Cavite damages 50 houses. Lightbulb moment: An armored jeepney stormchaser FTW! http://bit.ly/45ZGGP [via @thegreatest] [10/31 11:19]
  12. Laguna. Typhoon Santi hits 20 towns in Laguna. [via @sunstaronline] [10/31 15:08]
  13. Metro Manila
    • http://ping.fm/p/yt5w5 – Trees knocked down by Typhoon Santi’s outrageous winds. Ayala triangle, Makati [via @ka_edong] [10/31 16:15]
    • Santi strands over 1,000 in south Luzon, Manila: http://bit.ly/4ertCg [via @gmanewstv] [10/30 10:05]
  14. Southern Tagalog. ‘Santi’ leaves 4 dead in Southern Tagalog http://bit.ly/2vB3UX [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 22:10]


  • Call/Text Meralco: 0920-9292824 and 0917-5592824 [via @ANCALERTS]
  • Parts of Laguna, Quezon, Rizal still without power since “Santi” onslaught [via @ANCALERTS] [11/03 09:08]
  • Power supply restored by Sunday, says Meralco http://tinyurl.com/yc38ssk [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/31 22:11]
  • As of 3:00PM, a total of 97 circuits is still without power (out of 683 circuits) or 14% of distribution circuits within the franchise area. Estimated count of customers without power is around 755,000 (16% of all Meralco customers). [via @meralco] [10/31 15:20]
  • Power outages, floods as ‘Santi’ moves away from RP http://tinyurl.com/yh6pbmz [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/31 12:38]
  • As of 9:27AM, a total of 265 circuits is without power (out of 683 circuits) or 39% of Meralco customers [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:33]
  • MERALCO: Thousands affected by power outages http://bit.ly/1QxVIW [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 12:01]
  • ‘Santi’ knocks off bridge, knocks out power in parts of Metro Manila http://bit.ly/1144lS [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 11:31]


  • Batangas
    • Flooded: Sitio and school at Marawoy, Lipa, Batangas. 150 families are affected. [via @pmcalara] [10/31 13:24]**
    • Bgy. Gulod, Laurel, Batangas still flooded. 130 families are affected. [via @pmcalara] [10/31 12:42]**
  • Cavite. 170 houses damaged at Brgy. Sineguelasan, Bacoor, Cavite. Families are at evacuation centers. [via @pmcalara] [10/31 12:57]**
  • Laguna
    • 232 families need help to rebuild houses in Victoria, Laguna. [via @pmcalara] [11/01 08:24]**
    • 1 missing in Laguna flash flood http://tinyurl.com/yewfsoz [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/31 13:31]
  • Metro Manila
    • Floods hit Ondoy-hit areas in Metro Manila http://bit.ly/2ZwnTr [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 12:06]
    • ‘Santi’ floods parts of Metro Manila—NDCC http://tinyurl.com/yzstlob [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/31 11:49]
    • Manila. Reported flooding: Manila – Brgy 598 – San Roque, San Lorenzo, Sta. Clara, San Martin, Sta. Ana, San Isidro [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:29]
    • Navotas. Reported flooding:Navotas: Brgy San Jose (2 ft deep infront of Lying Inn along M. Naval St) [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:28]
    • San Juan. Reported flooding: San Juan – San Perfecto, Balong bato, Progreso and Batis Streets – knee deep [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:28]
    • Parañaque. Reported flooding: Parañaque – Libjo area at the back of NAIA, Multinational Village (knee deep) [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:30]
    • Pasay. Flooding:Pasay City: Brgy 183, Brgy 184 (2 ftdeep-ongoing evac); Brgy 201(2 ft deep along creekside ); Brgy 185 (knee deep along AlmazorSt.) [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/31 12:27]
  • Quezon. 80 family evacuees are at Minahan Sur Elementary school at Nakar, Quezon. [via @pmcalara] [11/01 08:24]**

**To send help/volunteer for Santi relief ops, contact Southern Tagalog People’s Response Center at 0918-4560104 and look for Kat. [via @pmcalara] [11/01 09:27]


  • Buses
    • Most bus trips in Cubao terminals going to the north were not cancelled while most trips going to the south were cancelled. [via @sunstaronline] [10/31 15:38]
    • No bus trips going to Batangas and Lucena were cancelled in Cubao terminal 2. [via @sunstaronline] [10/31 12:30]
  • Planes
    • Cebu Pacific won’t give refund for cancelled flights today. Only offering rebooking good for one week. [via @nerveending] [10/31 11:15]
    • Philippine Airlines
      • PAL gradually resumes operations http://bit.ly/2Aq2c7 [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 18:19]
      • Passengers may call 855-8888 in Manila or visit any PAL ticket office for rebooking. Other contact numbers are listed in the PAL website. [via @flyPAL] [10/31 15:18]
      • Passengers with confirmed tickets on the cancelled flights may rebook for the next available flight without incurring any rebooking penalty. [via @flyPAL] [10/31 15:04]
      • PAL retrieves airplanes to resume flights. Check NEWS at www.philippineairlines.com for details. [via @flyPAL] [10/31 14:37]
  • Sea travel banned in areas with storm signal No. 2 http://tinyurl.com/yz8h84c [via @ANCALERTS] [10/30 9:28]
  • Trains
    • Edsa MRT not operational from Shaw to Baclaran [via @ageofbrillig] [10/31 13:19]
    • LRT 1 operations suspended due to typhoon http://bit.ly/JRB3S [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/31 12:06]

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