Typhoon Pepeng: Immediate Help

Here’s a compilation of recent tweets and retweets regarding requests for immediate help. Please note that these are copied as is. Let us know if there has been a misinformation and we’ll do our best to rectify them immediately.

ADVISORY: Please make sure your calls are reported here.

  1. Baguio
    • Baguio General Hospital (BGH) is in desperate need of oxygen [via @tafflafaguz]
    • Many families in ST.SCHO BAGUIO,WAGNER RD are dying, need help asap. Nuns are taking care of them but… [via @A11StarM0m] [10/11 19:16]
  2. Benguet.
    • La Trinidad. Benguet — http://pic.gd/601ecb mudslide in la trinidad,benguet. lack of rescuers there. Sos. [via @gciecrownholder] [10/10 22:16] Sending u pics frm la trinidad,benguet.massive mudslides. http://pic.gd/21af4a [via @gciecrownholder] [10/10 22:18]
  3. La Union
    • Naguilian.
      • Badly need help in Naguilian, La Union especially barrios of CABARITAN, DAL-IPAOEN TUDDINGAN! My families are there! Please help! [via @shynne_calica]
      • Marami na ang namatay sa pagkalunod sa Brgy. Dal-lipaoen to Brgy. Natividad in Naguilian, La Union dahil tumaas ang ilog. Please send rescue! [via @shynne_calica]
    • San Fernando. My sister just texted me that their boarding house in San Fernando, La Union got flooded up to chest level [via @majo_dear]
  4. Mt. Province. Mt. Province needs help. My dear friend’s nephew w/ wife, 2 kids are buried in their house this morning in landslide. My contact now in Sagada is Oscar Magwilang, 0928-2847507. Nephew nya po yung nabaon sa landslide. [via @TourismPinas] [10/12 22:44]
  5. Nueva Ecija
    • Licab. Barangay Aquino in Licab, Nueva Ecija is in neck-deep water. People in other parts are now evacuated in the municipal gymnasium. [via @joyagustin]
    • Nueva Ecija is also chest deep of flood. Help send help please [via @antolinsangan] [10/09 20:19]
  6. Pangasinan
    • Bayambang.
      • S.O.S of a friend. Bayambang, Pangasinan, 2 floors deep, Lola of a friend who is 97 years old can’t climb the roof. Please call 0918-6571606 [via @donboscoforum]
      • Barangays San Gabriel, Iton and Manambong in Bayambang, Pangasinan under 15 feet of water. Rest of the town is flooded. [via @ageofbrillig]
    • Dagupan
      • Bolosan.
        • Flood in Bolosan, Dagupan City has reached the 2nd floor of my aunt’s house. My bed-ridden unconscious aunt is still there. [via @kakoiallanhirai]
        • Nasa rooftop na po ang mga tao near McArthur Highway, Bolosan District, Dagupan City. They now have makesfhift tents as temporary shelter. [via @jrpatao]
      • Calmay. Parish priest Fr. Paeng +639291694098 is calling for rescuers/boats for Missionary of Charity Orphans (Hope he still has battery.) Calmay parish is near the river of Dagupan. [via e-mail from Fr. Ton Ynzon, Chelle Cruz-Fernan]
      • Caranglaan. RESCUE PPL along CARANGLAAN, Dagupan, waters CHEST DEEP na and continue to rise. Please forward to authorities, NO rubber boats are coming [via @donboscoforum, @baby0811]
      • Pantal. My lola and my cousins are now at the  2nd floor of their house in Pantal District, Dagupan City. The water is already on the 4th step of stairs.  [via @annemich928]
    • Manaoag. Residents of Oraan East (Lacaste) Manaoag, Pangasinan is needing food and clothings, PLEASE HELP! [via @TessBritt] [10/10 09:00]
    • Mangaldan.
      • Brgy. Anolid. Comm. Lito Velasquez of Pangasinan desperately needs assistance. They are stranded in Brgy Anolid, Mangaldan Pangasinan. [via @miriamq]
      • Brgy. Banaoang. Rabe family trapped by flash floods in Residencia San Jose, Brgy. Banaoang, Mangaldan Pangasinan. House w/ green roof beside bball court [via @ageofbrillig]
      • Brgy. Guigguilonen. Rescue appeal: Joel Cando + children stranded in their home at # 5 San Jose St., Barangay Guigguilonen, Mangaldan, Pangasinan. [via @bongvi]
      • Brgy. Maasin. My family needs help in Maasin, Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Water is waist-deep, maybe even higher. PLEASE BRING HELP TO THEM! Kanya-kanya daw po sila dun, walang nagre-rescue sa kanila! [viajacquie_doria]
      • My aunt is trapped in her house in Mangaldan and I’m powerless. I want to help but what can I do. Even rescue teams can’t leave Dagupan. [via @mongster]
    • Rosales.
      • Carmen, Pangasinan needs rescue team as hundreds of residents are stranded. My lolo and others are stranded in a truck near SM Carmen Pangasinan since yesterday afternoon w/ no food & all. Need rescue team [via @mayolais]
      • Kulang ang mga rescuer sa Rosales, Pangasinan. 6 lang daw sila, marami ang stranded. [via QTV11, @taffylafaguz]
      • In Rosales Pangasinan, people evacuated first, went home after getting relief goods. Now they’re trapped. http://is.gd/467Gb [via @LaTtEX]
      • Hanggang lagpas tao ang baha please lang po hindi ko po alam kung ok ang mga magulang ko [via @vmuf_cris]
    • San Fabian. #85 Bgy Tucop, San Fabian, Pangasinan. Adelida & Juanito Peran. We need rescue. May kasama kaming 2 matanda at 2 bata aged 7 & 9. [via @eananes]
    • San Nicolas. Need help at Brgy.Camanigaan San Nicolas Pangasinan, bridge to the place collapsed, difficult to cross. Food suply running out [via @gale0317] [10/09  23:41]
    • Sto. Tomas. Sto Tomas, Pangasinan – Status: Isolated. Evacuation ctr: Town Hall/Bgy Hall (if Sto. Tomas is a bgy) [via @shari_tweets] [10/10 07:44]
    • Umingan.
      • As of 4:00 AM Manila time, hindi pa rin po tumitigil ang ulan sa Umingan, Pangasinan. Worried na po ako, nasa New Jersey po ako ngayon. Yung bahay po ng parents ko (tatay ko may sakit at mahina) kasama ang 3 bata ages 3 to 7, na-wash out na po bahay namin. Nag-relocate na po sila sa lumang bahay na 200 years old. Sana po paki-monitor lang yung area: 65 Brgy. Caurdanetaan, Umingan, Pangasinan. [via Maricel]
      • Just found out that two of our family’s houses in Umingan, Pangasinan have been destroyed by flood. Hope Inang is ok! ='( [via @joanneisafoodie]
    • Villasis
      • VILLASIS, Pangasinan (right bfore Urdanteta) houses along MacArthur Hiway NECK-DEEP. Residents evacuatd to 2/F of houses. [via @spankyenriquez]
      • NEED FOOD & RESCUE: 12 people (2 kids) stranded on 2/F 58 McArthur Highway, Villasis, Pangasinan. Please help my friend!!! [via @starryarry]
      • Barrio Barangobong. Pantay na po yung tubig sa dike at saka sa tulay ng Carmen. Lagpas na po ng bubong. Please tawagan niyo po sila: 0907-7768294, 0939-4015131, 0910-5628883, 0928-7129837, 0919-2684540, 0910-6859357, 0929-1023175, 0929-1605703, 0920-8252904. May mga rescue team po pero hindi po siguro nila alam na meron pa po naiwan sa Barrio Barangobong. Nandoon po lahat ng mga mahal sa buhay ng kasamahan namin sa bahay. Maawa po kayo, may mga bata po silang kasama. [via Aimee Tiotuico] [10/09 21:06]
  7. Pampanga. Sir, we need your help badly. no rain bt water is rising, neck-deep, 1 child drowned in Masantol, pampanga [via @Marioh_Caryo] [10/12 15:58]

Fellow Pinoys up north needs us! THE NUMBERS TO CALL:

  • Baguio updates: SMS Danny Durante at Globe 0915-7273457 and Smart 0921-7750726
  • Philippine Coast Guard: 527-6136
  • NDCC: 912-5668, 911-1406, 911-5061, 912-2665
  • NDCC-CAR: 0916-5070989
  • NDCC Opcen: 911-1406, 912-2665, 912-5668
  • NDCC Secretariat: 9120-441, 912-5947
  • Office of Administrator: 9122-424
  • PNRC Alaminos, Pangasinan: Telephone: (075) 551-6356 / Fax: (075 ) 654-0289 / Cellular Phone: 0917-5085039; 0918-262720

Updated as of 13 October 2009, 9:57 PM.

There is a more comprehensive list here. We are updating real-time information as they come in so that they don’t get lost among other calls for aid. If you can help put some of what’s listed in this post at the Google docs, please do so that all of our relief information sources are well consolidated.


  1. pls po…my family needs help. in mangaldan,pangasinan, it’s waist-deep, even higher. My family is in maasin,mangaldan,pangasinan. I don’t know how they are doing…PLS BRING HELP TO THEM! kanya kanya daw po sila dun, walang nagrerescue sa kanila!

    1. Hi, we already included this in our list and retweeted it to our network. Hope your family gets rescued soon.

  2. pwede po bang malaman ung situation sa Barangay Cayambanan, Urdaneta Pangasinan.. andun po kc ung pinsan ko.. di po nmin sya macontact knina pang umaga.. naka off na po ung cellphone nia.. please.. gusto ko lng po malaman ung situation dun sa amin..

    1. Hi. We have spread the word that you’re concerned about your family. We’ll keep you updated when new info comes in. We’ll pray for your family as well.

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