Security Issue: Public Safety

We have been receiving tweets concerning public safety. Below are some issues. If you know more information, please don’t hesitate to share it with us so that people will be more informed.


  • NTC, cell phone firms crack down on disaster-related scam texts: [via @gmanewstv] [10/22 14:08]


  1. Attacks on relief convoys.
    • 30 September 2009. Reports of attacks on convoy teams have been reported. If you know of any people who have been assaulted, please let us know immediately and we’ll list them here so they can ask for additional security.
    • 1 October 2009.
      • Malabon. Relief mission in Malabon aborted due to rowdy crowds. Sigh 🙁 [via @overlordtrainee]
      • Pasig. Evacuees at San Miguel Elementary School (Pasig) got rowdy this morning. Threw a flaming torch at Red Cross-Rizal volunteers. 🙁 [via @iamgoddessrica]
      • Tumana. Dinumog ang convoy namin sa Tumana x.x grabe. [via @briankingong]
  2. Counterfeit Money. BEWARE Fake bills circulate in Manila, Central Luzon [via @A_MANNY] [10/13 16:55]
  3. Crime Syndicates. Got a complaint from World Vision about criminals who solicit donations in buses and MRTs using the name of World Vision, Sagip Kapamilya and Gawad Kalinga .LEGIT Volunteer groups do not use text messages and ride buses and MRTs to solicit money. Please be aware. [via @juliusbabao] [10/15 13:08]
  4. Crocodile on the loose. Rizal Prov. Dir. S/Supt IDordas says croc reports true. 5 crocs escaped from Coral Farm Teresa, Rizal. 4 captured, 1 loose. [via @ANCALERTS]
  5. Internet virus. Ondoy virus on top three Google searches for Ondoy. [source] UPDATE: Ondoy Virus existence confirmed by GMA, Inquirer and Trend Micro [source]
  6. Public tranportations refusing passengers
    • The plate number of the jeep that refused to take passengers because “garahe na sya” is CHG 152. [via @lord_dracula]
    • The plate number of the Philtourister bus that cut trip is NYN 557. [via @lord_dracula]
  7. Scams. RP post warns Dutch Pinoys against scammers: Amid the overflowing of support from Filipinos around .. [via @abscbnnewsbrk] [10/13 18:28]
  8. Smuggling. – Ople Center warns typhoon victims against international drug and human smuggling rings [via @mindanaoan] [10/22 09:19]
  9. Text Messages. From now on IGNORE text messages from unknown people asking for money or LOAD & other donations related to Typhoon. [via @juliusbabao] [10/15 10:32]


Updated as of 23 October 2009, 5:35 AM.


  1. Thanks for including it on your list. We should warn the public about it.

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