Security Issue: False Information

Some tweets we’ve compiled regarding opportunists at this time of need:

  1. BPI blocks ‘donation’ scam riding on “Ondoy” tragedy: [via @wwwgmanewstv]
  2. Per ABS-CBN:
    • ABS-CBN is not selling any donated goods. Call 163 to report [source]
    • SMS going around quoting ABS-CBN’s Cecille Lardizabal is not true! 1) She isn’t even working today, and 2) Pepeng landfall tomorow (3 Oct) pa! [via @ANCALERTS]
  3. Per GMA:
    • Beware of scammers asking for donations for #ondoy. Kapuso accredited banks here: [via @dementia]
  4. Per NTC: Beware of people claiming they are relatives of Ondoy victims and will solicit e-cash or e-load. [source]
  5. Please check cell09172465962 asking for 2 500pesos load.. looks like scheme to extort money fr unsuspctng people. [via @wandering_woman]

Updated as of 3 October 2009, 6:39 AM.