Getting PPEs to Our Frontliners

Let’s get PPEs to our frontliners.

As our healthcare and other frontline workers brave the everyday to go out of their homes and into the streets to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, they need the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep themselves safe. We are currently experiencing a shortage, not just in Metro Manila, but all over the country—and we need every help we can get to protect our heroes. Let’s get them the PPEs they need so they can continue to care for our family, friends, and loved ones while not endangering themselves.

What is Needed

N95 Mask
Protection for the nose and mouth
Protective Goggles
Shield for eyes against droplets
Surgical Gown
Protection for the body against transfers
Surgical Mask
Protection for the nose and mouth
Medical Gloves
Protection for the hands and skin
Medical Shoe Cover
Reduces the spread of contamination
Face Shield
Protection for the eyes and face
Head Cover
Protection for the hair and scalp
70% Alcohol Solution
To disinfect hands and surfaces

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Other Necessities