Election Watch (May 9, 2010)

Here’s a compilation of recent tweets and retweets regarding the elections of May 2010. Please note that these are copied as is. Let us know if there has been a misinformation and we’ll do our best to rectify them immediately.

Updated as of  9:52 PM on May 9, 2010.

  1. Updates/Alerts
  2. Voting Issues
  3. Automation/PCOS Machine Issues
  4. Violence
  5. Against COMELEC Rules
  6. Candidate Disqualifications
  7. Power Outages
  8. Poll Watch
  9. Absentee Voting
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  • Maasin City, S. Leyte: City mayor imposes curfew from 10PM to 4AM to curb vote buying – Proj3030 [via @Project3030] [5/9 18:35]
  • PICC: ‘Tambyolo’ to be used in drawing the precincts that will undergo Random Manual Audit. http://bit.ly/cZIYSS (N Corsino) [via @gmanews] [5/9 17:56]
  • Special weather outlook during the Election period http://ping.fm/jFT4c [via @PAGASAdost] [05/09 14:50]
  • Larrazabal: Chairman Melo said voting in 5% of precincts might be delayed but it could be less than that. [via @ANCALERTS] [05/09 09:54]
  • DepEd Assistant Sec. Jonathan Malaya: Teachers ready to conduct random manual audit tomorrow [via @ANCALERTS] [05/09 09:32]
  • Comelec to start posting tallies after 20% of precincts send in results http://bit.ly/aOd5k5 [via @Namfrel] [05/09 02:31]
  • MANILA: The Comelec has declared the ARMM, along with 6 other areas, under its control in preparation for May 10. (Kim Tan) [via @gmanews] [05/09 00:27]
  • DOE calls for sensible use of energy during May 10 elections –http://bit.ly/aQedrE [via @NBN_Ch4] [05/08 14:06]


  • at payatas elementary school in urban poor area, only one guard for polling station for 8000 voters [via @spirodon] [5/9 19:37]
  • MANILA: Comelec Chairman Jose Melo said that it would still be good even if they just hit 50 percent voter turnout. (Kim Tan) [via @gmanews] [5/9 17:15]
  • MANILA: Comelec Comm. Sarmiento said he expects the turnout of voters to be 80-85 percent. (Kim Tan) #eleksyon2010 [via @gmanewstv] [5/9 17:14]
  • Newly-registered (December2009) North Caloocan voters CAN’T VOTE,data CORRUPTED,Comelec says. [via @ellafucanan @mirageode] [05/08 23:57]



  • 1 PCOS machine bogs down in Baesa, Caloocan after card slot malfunctions. BEI says Smartmatic technician was no help at all. [via @panjerak] [5/9 21:23]
  • Rosario, Cavite: One precint fails to print election returns. [via @workerswatch] [5/9 19:55]
  • 24 Oras: PCOS machines in Malabon, Mandaluyong, Quezon City malfunction [via @workerswatch] [5/9 18:19]
  • CAVITE: BEIs in Tanza are worried bec. there is only 1 IT expert in the school to service 11 clustered precincts. (J Segovia) [via @gmanews] [5/9 17:48]
  • MANILA: Melo: Only areas in Ilocos Norte, Pangasinan, Abra, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya encountering some problems. (Kim Tan) [via @gmanewstv] [5/9 17:18]
  • LUBAO, PAMPANGA: After waiting for CF cards, BEIs are now waiting for their election supplies. (Annalyn Ardona) [via @gmanewstv] [5/9 16:42]
  • 1 precinct in Bicol Univ defective CF card; FTS tomorrow, thus election will start at 10am, 600 voters – Proj3030 [via @Project3030] [5/9 17:50]
  • ISABELA: Palanan town still has no reconfigured CF card. (Aie Balagtas See) [via @gmanewstv] [5/9 15:50]
  • 1 PCOS machine bogs down in Baesa, Caloocan after card slot malfunctions. BEI says Smartmatic technician was no help at all. [via @Nikobaua] [05/09 15:02]
  • 13 PCOS machines in Navotas malfunction, reports say [via @natoreyes] [05/09 13:51]
  • 2 out of 28 pcos machines in Malabon conk out, auto shuts down by itself. Smartmatic to replace both units. [via @Nikobaua] [05/09 13:21]
  • Quezon City, Esteban Abada Elem. Sch.: BEI asked by Smartmatic tech to dedicate 1 electric fan tom. per PCOS Machine [via @workerswatch] [05/09 12:48]
  • PCOS in Brgy. Mabini precinct OK. But some PCOS reads checkmarks. [via @edgedmangahas] [05/09 11:44]
  • PCOS in precinct 882, 881, 880 at Quirino Elem proj.3,QC have no SIM cards, no transmission cable, no modem.all seals broken [via @kontradaya] [05/09 10:06]
  • Report – PCOS machine in Pasig still did not tally with manual count after testing yesterday. [via @kontradaya] [05/09 11:48]
  • PCOS machine in Navotas fails to read CF card. [via @kontradaya] [05/09 11:49]
  • testing halted in Estancia Central School, Iloilo after serial no. of CF cards didn’t match with Smartmatic no’s. [via @kontradaya] [05/09 11:52]
  • team Cavite reports at San Isidro Labrador, Dasma, Cavite: 3/10 official ballots not read by PCOS. Votes read went to other candidates [via @Kodao] [05/09 12:25]
  • PCOS machine in Navotas fails to read CF card. [via @kontradaya] [05/09 11:49]
  • TARLAC CITY: 12 PCOS machines, 5 CF cards were reported defective after yesterday’s final testing & sealing. (Simon Borromeo) [via @gmanews] [05/09 11:30]
  • PCOS in Clustered Precinct 5, Sta.Curz, San Jose, Cam Sur as thermal tape printer error. No PCOS replacement yet. [via @kontradaya] [05/09 11:25]
  • Broken seals also discovered in precinct 881. [via @natoreyes] [05/09 09:50]
  • Larrazabal: As of 7am, 92% of PCOS delivered, 97% of CF cards delivered, 70% of CCS (consolidation, canvassing systems) delivered [via @ANCALERTS] [05/09 09:48]
  • PCOS tests start in Quirino Elem. 2 PCOS machines have broken seals. Smartmatic admits blue seals are weak. [via @natoreyes][05/09 09:16]
  • Still no PCOS machines in Quirino High School Proj.2, QC. BEI has no idea when final testing will happen. [via @natoreyes] [05/09 09:05]
  • Reconfigured memory cards fail to work in Nueva Ecijahttp://bit.ly/aczItC [via @ABSCBNNews] [05/09 01:22]


  • Testing of the PCOS at Argawanon, San Remigio, Cebu was smooth. but why did the machne countd the circls with CHECK or cross marks? [via @tmhiong] [05/09 14:50]
  • Comelec: 5 PCOS machines burned by armed men last nyt in Miag-Ao, Iloilo hav been replaced w/ spare PCOS, new CF cards. [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 13:46]
  • SULU: Precincts in Jolo wait for arrival of paraphernalia from Comelec.The 9AM testing and sealing is delayed (E. Del Rosario)[via @gmanews] [05/09 09:39]


  • Pagadian City: Invalid security keys in 8 PCOS machines [via @natoreyes] [5/9 20:33]
  • Not all PCOS machines in Marawi City were not tested. There’ll be testing tomorrow before poll proper will start. [via @attysamina] [5/9 20:26]
  • Davao City, NHA-Bangkal: One PCOS machine malfunctions, to be replaced tomorrow. [via @workerswatch] [5/9 18:54]
  • Balangasan Central Elem. polling center in Pagadian City,Zamboanga del sur.Invalid security keys in clustered precincts 1-7. [via @dwightgalang] [5/9 15:44]
  • Wala pang testing ng PCOS machines sa Lumba Bayabao, Lanao del Sur. Kelan kaya? [via @toie] [05/09 14:58]
  • Marker pens cause glitch in testing of PCOS machines in Datu Piang: http://is.gd/c0xEV [via @martalucie] [05/09 01:28]
  • With 39 hours to go, only 52% of PCOS machines in place:http://is.gd/c0tUr [via @ageofbrillig] [05/08 22:46]


  • Suspected NPA men fire at Aurora polling precinct http://bit.ly/aPa28F [via @inquirerdotnet] [05/09 20:31]
  • Breaking news: Explosion in Pikit mosque kills 1, wounds more than a dozen, 3 critical less than an hour ago. [via @carlosconde] [5/9 20:31]
  • Poll partisans destroy voting machine in Maguindanao http://bit.ly/bWawWR [via @inquirerdotnet] [05/09 17:55]
  • Five dead on eve of May 10 polls http://bit.ly/cicKZg [via @panjerak] [5/9 19:31]
  • [Regions] PNP: Election violence lower compared to past polls http://bit.ly/9CQhvF [via @ABSCBNNews] [5/9 18:53]
  • PNP chief Dir.Gen. Verzosa alerted all police units to be on the lookout for possible election vote buying at the precinct level [via @NBN_Ch4] [18:45]
  • Suspected communist rebels stormed a school in Miag-ao, Iloilo and burned five Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines [via @NBN_Ch4] [5/9 18:26]
  • Comelec: Snipers in Masbate fired at delivery van w/PCOS machines on Sat. Van found another route. Delivery successful. [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 13:47]
  • Supporters of Maguindanao mayoral candidate try to snatch ballots http://bit.ly/c8fhQR [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 12:47]
  • 3 supporters of Antique mayoralty bet killed http://bit.ly/drsz3c[via @ABSCBNBreaking] [05/09 12:34]
  • Security threats to Philippine elections http://bit.ly/dArMCw[via @inquirerdotnet] [05/09 11:54]
  • Rebels deny attacks on voting machines http://bit.ly/cxH3N3[via @inquirerdotnet] [05/09 11:34]
  • 7 injured in Cavite explosion – http://bit.ly/bZ9Deu [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 11:16]
  • 2 mayoral bet supporters killed in Antique shootouthttp://bit.ly/cFwlME [via @inquirerdotnet] [05/09 10:22]
  • Three killed, four hurt in poll violence in Antique. [via @ANCALERTS] [05/09 09:05]
  • NPA holds Surigao Sur gov”s convoy, seizes 7 firearmshttp://bit.ly/bUnBTT [via @gmanews] [05/09 00:54]
  • 5 PCOS machines burned in Iloilo; suspects still unknown http://bit.ly/9tj4sp [via @gmanews] [05/08 23:44]
  • PNP yet to determine whether burning of PCOS machines in Iloilo was arson or accidental [via @ANCALERTS] [05/08 22:24]
  • Upsurge of election violence : http://tinyurl.com/269h87v [via @blogie] [05/08 22:18]
  • PNP Aklan gets ready for May 10 polls, COMELEC man shot in Agusan del Sur recovering, Agusan Sur connectivity testing proceeds smoothly [via @NBN_Ch4] [05/08 22:13]


  • CAPIZ: Election Officer Atty. Joemar Betita receives envelope w/ fake 1,000-peso bill from anonymous sender. (Journal Fabella) [via @gmanews] [05/09 20:54]
  • Arakan, North Cotabato mayoralty candidate reportedly seen campaigning a night before elections [via @workerswatch] [5/9 21:30]
  • Borbon, Cebu City: Mayoralty bet gives out envelopes with P500. [via @workerswatch] [05/09 20:32]
  • one of the congressman here in ilocos norte is buying votes for 200 and will give the additional 300 if he will win. [via @lehcar0527] [05/09 20:15]
  • 96 caught violating election liquor ban in Metro http://bit.ly/ctxHU5 [via @inquirerdotnet] [5/9 19:45]
  • Zambales: Vote-buying rampant in Manapao, Subic Town [via @workerswatch] [5/9 19:41]
  • Mike Defensor is the subject of church talk today bribing the poor w/ 4k to vote for him [via @rieyainmanila] [5/9 18:45]
  • Volunteers of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting have reported rampant vote buying in areas of Makati City and Cubao QC [via @NBN-Ch4] [5/9 18:28]
  • Two suspected vote buyers were arrested this noon by government forces at a military checkpoint in Albay [via @NBN_Ch4] [5/9 18:31]
  • ELEKSYON2010 UDATE: 18 arrested for violating liquor ban in Manila, C. Visayas  http://bit.ly/bLivMo [via @gmanewstv] [5/9 17:27]
  • ISABELA: Sources said Cumigad is allegedly maintaining a private army. (Francis Hechanova) [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 12:51]
  • Alleged massive vote buying in Paniqui, Tarlac. Jueteng money used said report. [via @Kodao] [05/09 10:08]
  • grabee, Sunday na sunday maybumibili lang vote 500php Pasay City Calixto for Mayor [via @iamfabulousgeri] [05/09 06:28]
  • Suspicious “Kontra Daya” forms were distributed all over Brgy 42 of District 2 in Pasay City: http://bit.ly/a3Cm54 [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 01:54]
  • Police raid home of mayor holding P9K campaign fundshttp://bit.ly/cecKHL [via @ABSCBN_Halalan] [05/09 01:00]


  • MAGUINDANAO:Comelec-disqualified Datu Unsay mayoralty bet Said Salik said he will not honor the disqualification (Johnson Tam) [via @gmanewstv] [5/9 15:50]
  • Disqalification case vs Batangas mayor filed http://bit.ly/dA3OSM [via @gmanewstv] [05/09 12:34]
  • Comelec disqualifies over a dozen candidates in Maguindanao:http://bit.ly/drmk9d [via @jirahfermin] [05/09 01:38]
  • Candidate in Batangas disqualified but can still runhttp://bit.ly/cqTgWy [via @ABSCBNHalalan] [05/09 01:35]


  • Energy office assures no brownout on Monday:http://is.gd/c0MNc [via @sstraight1] [05/09 09:08]
  • There was a reported 1-hour brownout in Sta. Cruz, Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija last night. [via @gmanews] [05/09 09:39]


  • Volunteers needed for NAMFREL Bilang ng Bayan – shift sked: 8am-6pm,5pm-12mn, 12mn-8am. Areas: Luzon http://tl.gd/16vqrj [via @elvinuy] [05/09 14:36]
  • Send NAMFREL a report on irregularities, threats, intimidation, violence, and mismanagement. Start here: http://bit.ly/aJuMHw[via @Namfrel] [05/09 09:27]
  • The Role of Foreign Election Observers in the Historic Philippine Elections – AllVoices http://ow.ly/1IBUW [via @tonyocruz][05/09 02:35]
  • Problema sa #halalan? Picture-an mo at ipadala sa ireport@abs-cbn.com o sa 2366 (type IREPORT<space>name, address, age, report) [via @ABSCBNBreaking] [05/08 23:15]
  • Netizens’ Guide on the May 10 Elections http://ow.ly/1IxEn [via @tonyocruz] [05/08 21:10]


  • Why the low turnout of absentee voters: http://is.gd/c0Kh8 [via @Namfrel] [05/09 09:22]
  • Watch GNTV report on Overseas Absentee Voting in Dubai http://bit.ly/bJfWk8 [via @aresgutierrez] [05/09 02:57]


  • Send electoral fraud reports via sms: Globe 09156701434, Smart 09293361581 and Sun 09235320142 http://ht.ly/1Iw8X [via @workerswatch] [05/09 13:00]
  • PNP Spokesman Leonardo Espina: Police hotlines for the elections: call 117 or text PNP <MSG> and send to 2920 (Globe, Smart). P2.50/txt [via @ANCALERTS] [05/09 09:17]