Donation Watch: International

We are collating tweets and retweets regarding international donations. We are following and making a record of all donations coming in and being given, so we can see if these are indeed going to the right people or are being pocketed away by you-know-whos.



  1. Australia gives additional P80M aid for typhoon-victims: [via @abscbnbewsbrk]
  2. Brunei. Brunei donors text in donations for RP cyclone victims: [via @gmanewstv] [10/29 17:04]
  3. Germany donates P35M to Ondoy Relief efforts [via GMA News]
  4. Guam. Enterprises of Guam donates US$15K to Philippines’ relief efforts [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/22 01:57]
  5. IBM. IBM extends P40M-worth of assistance to RP gov’t in Ondoy, Pepeng aftermath [via @IBMOutreach] [10/18 18:14]
  6. Jordan. 10 tons relief goods arrive from Jordan
  7. Mexico. Mexican Fifth Grade Student Donates Personal Savings to Typhoon Victims [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/16 13:17]
  8. Switzerland. Swiss raise millions for Asia calamity victims including RP [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/12 23:37]
  9. UAE
    • Filipino bar in Dubai donates day’s revenue to typhoon victims [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/22 21:36]
    • Donors in UAE sing for RP cyclone victims, at P127 a song: [via @gmanewstv] [10/22 21:36]
  10. UN. United Nations pledges $74-million to Philippine govt for typhoon victims [via @gma7news] [10/13 13:21]
    • UN Flash Appeal for $74 M to support humanitarian needs has reached$14.2 M – 19% of the total amount requested [via @NBN-Ch4] [10/14 11:43]
    • UN aid appeal for Philippines falls ‘tens of millions’ short [via @inquirerdotnet] [10/13 18:20]
  11. UNICEF‘s anonymous donor to double each dollar YOU DONATE [via @kimmijares]
  12. United States
    • US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced $8.5M disaster assistance for the phillipines in aftermath of typhoons. [via @sunstaronline] [10/26 15:12]
      • Vilsack has led the distribution of milk and biscuits at an elementary school in Pasig City. He will go back to the US tomorrow. [via @sunstaronline] [10/26 15:23]
      • Vilsack in a meeting with President Arroyo said the USDA will donate 7T metric tons of rice and 680 metric tons of non-fat dry milk [via @sunstaronline] [10/26 15:15]
    • Update: US fundraising for Ondoy victims has gathered over $10,000 in donations [via @tonyocruz] [10/13 21:53]
    • Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation Commits $350,000 to American Red Cross for Ondoy Disaster Relief [via @giboteodoro] [10/13 12:24]
    • US donates P12-million worth of soap, hygiene kits, laundry/toiletry supplies and water containers for RP’s typhoon victims — embassy [via @tonyocruz] [10/13 12:13]
    • US sent PNRC plane-load of jerry cans, hygiene kits containing laundry and toiletry supplies, and plastic sheeting worth P19M [via GMA7 news]
    • USTREAM show (by @ajrafael) raised P56,997.0624 today= $1,202.98 very cool & inspiring! [via @maragisella]
    • Air Supply donating proceeds of its four Manila concerts to Ondoy victim relief
    • Akon extends help to Ondoy victims – [via @TourismPinas] [10/20 10:57]
    • Black Eyed Peas singer brings aid to Philippines. [via @go2philippines] [10/15 22:04]
    • Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino donates Inglorious Basterds proceeds to Ondoy survivors [via @gyebbie] [10/15 15:30]
  13. Vatican donates US$35,000 to Ondoy victims (4:33 p.m.)

Updated as of 30 October 2009, 9:03 AM.


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