Collated Tweets: Relief Goods in Bulk

Here’s a compilation of recent tweets and retweets regarding relief goods in bulk. Please note that these are copied as is. Let us know if there has been a misinformation and we’ll do our best to rectify them immediately.

  1. Containers
    • Banana leaves at 1.50/pc. 1 bundle=500 pieces, that’s P750. Please tell us your requirements so we can order from DAHON community. [via @Binalot]
    • Environment-friendly containers. Contact Paul or Tina 712-4492 [via @dementia]
    • Paper boxes. Please contact Tope Tan at 241-0805 [via @dementia]
  2. Groceries/Food
    • Bulk orders of groceries. For bulk orders of GROCERIES TO BE USED AS RELIEF GOODS, you can call Gie of Suy Sing at 706-8866 or 0918-5055430. [via @marieyot]
    • Mega Sardines (easy to open pack). Contact Jean Tiu Lim at 0917-7161005. Free bulk delivery [via @dementia]
    • Rice. For those who would like to donate rice, contact Micheleen Subia at 0917-8996424. Willing to sell at wholesale price for the victims of Ondoy.
    • Sanitary pad in bulk. Contact John Talamayan at 0917-8980411 or [via @dementia]
    • St. Francis Drug. St. Francis Drug selling in bulk. Bottled water, Noodles, Sanitary Napkins, Underwear, blankets, toothbrush. Contact Fritz at 0916-3612873[via @carambs]
    • Toothbrush at 5 pesos per piece (minimum order of 500 pcs) – contact Abi Portillo at 0917-8898178 [via @dementia]
    • Tuna and other foodstuff. From Allan Cabral Espino 0917-5236627 [via @dementia]
    • Wholesale food goods. Contact Camille 706-8819 [via @dementia]
  3. Medicines
    • Generic medicines. Contact John Talamayan at 0917-8980411 or [via @dementia]
    • Wholesale generic medicines. If you would like to buy wholesale generic medicine for you to distribute to Ondoy victims, please call 09175884202. [via @Blabbrmouth]
  4. Mineral Water
    • Agua Free Drinking Water. Contact @triciadata OPERATION AGUA FREE DRINKING WATER txt 09175013242 supplies, volunteers, donations. They dispatch & refill [via @carlosceldran]
    • Bau Bautista. Mineral water in bulk, contact Bau Bautista from SMC. You can get it at Php232 per case of 24 btls. 0922-8497001. [via @rodmagaru]
    • Bottled water 35o ml. at 5 per bottle (minimum of 500 bottles). Call Cecille Baysa (or May) of Zectra Enterprises 911-4708 or 0920-9823028. [via @dementia]
    • SMC Mineral Water – contact Bau Bautista 0922-8497001 [via @dementia]
    • Viva and Wilkins Mineral Water – contact Arnel Ereso at 0917-8148998 [via @dementia]

Thank you, Dementia, for more information!

Updated as of 6 October 2009, 1:29 AM.


  1. toothbrushes – can only be delivered starting monday oct 5

    sanitary pads – can only be delivered starting tomorrow, oct 4

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