ARCHIVE: Regional Updates

Here you will find collated tweets about the situation in Northern Luzon. In an effort to keep only relevant information on the main page, we are moving 48-hour-old, unresolved regional updates to this archive.


  1. Region I
  2. Region II
  3. Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
  4. Region III


  1. Ilocos Norte
    • 2 barangays in the municipality of Nueva Era, Ilocos Norte (Brgys Barangobong, Uguis) were isolated due to river swelling. [via @giboteodoro] [10/10 11:40]
    • At the moment there is no flood here in the northern part of Ilocos Norte. There are landslides though.  [via @tetmartinez] [10/10 08:55]
    • Globe signal here in Bangui, Ilocos Norte is down since last night. [via @tetmartinez] [10/10 08:42]
  2. Ilocos Sur
    • Bantay, Ilocos Sur — Banaoang Bridge is passable now! [via @daydreamerping] [10/09 19:53]
  3. La Union
    • Lorma. Our colleges and hospital in La Union, Lorma, flooded up to chest deep. First time in 75-year history. [via @carlowe] [10/10 11:38am]
  4. Pangasinan
    • Collapse of natural dam in east Pangasinan seen; 530 families evacuated (PNA) [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/15 20:58]
    • DEPED: 70 classrooms damaged by storms in pangasinan, selective suspension of classes being implemented [via @donronx] [10/15 8:18]
    • Mahigit sa 1,000 pamilya sa tatlong barangay sa Umingan,Pangasinan, pwersahang pinalilikas dahil sa artificial dam doon na posibleng bumigay [via @balita_ngayon] [10/15 11:05]
    • 14 towns in Pangasinan still without power due to downed power lines. [via @donronx] [10/13 8:46]
    • Found out calamity was caused by dike that collapsed along Agno river and other tributaries and 2.5Mltrs per sec of water that was released from the San Roque dam. We are looking into the potential liability of San Roque for the damages,  [via @SayChiz] [10/11 17:04]
    • Flooding will subside slowly in low-lying areas in Sta. Barbara, Calasiao, Binmaley, Binalonan, Malasiqui & cities of Dagupan. [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/11 01:21]
    • San Fabian. Erosion of a dike in San Fabian has caused flooding in 7 barangays repair crews are working on the problem per DPWH. [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/11 01:20]
    • Tayug
      • Diraydipalog Dike in Tayug had collapsed which resulted to flooding (knee to hip level) in all 21 barangays. [via @NBN_Ch4] [10/11 01:16]
    • Per DOST’s evaluation, Dagupan City, Mangaldan and San Fabian municipalities will remain to be underwater early next week [via @aileenapolo] [10/10 14:00]
    • The water at Carmen bridge (from Lipay to Nueva Ecija) is up to chest-deep. There are US soldiers and Philippine Coast Guard there. [via @kryzjez] [10/10 14:00]
    • Dagupan.
      • Dagupan flooding waist deep. Rode kuliglig to evac site- gym. 250 families; no food, water, power; their homes washed away [via @MARoxas] [10/10 14:47]
      • Bunuan, Dagupan no flood, surprisingly[via @beahidalgo] [10/09 19:40]
      • DAGUPAN — Pantal River overflows resulting in the rising floodwaters thus isolating Dagupan from rest of Pangasinan. [via @sunstaronline]
    • Lingayen
      • Relief ops ongoing in Lingayen. San Roque dam gates opened at 3AM, 5 cubic meter per second of water. Why wasn’t this done during daytime? [via @MARoxas] [10/10 15:11]
      • Lingayen is safe. Minimal floods, full electric power. – from Candy in Lingayen [via @ka_edong]
    • Manaoag. Most barangays in Manaoag were flooded, chest high in Oraan East, residents need help badly! [via @TessBritt] [10/10 00:53]
    • Mangaldan. Recidencia San Jose, Mangaldan, Pangasinan. Water reached the 2nd floor as of 8 PM last night [via @donboscoforum]
    • Mapandan. A bit of good news,water is starting to subside at Mapandan [via @donboscoforum]
    • Rosales
      • Dike in Rosales, Pangasinan collapsed which contributed to the massive flooding in the municipality [via @giboteodoro] [10/10 11:36]
      • SM Mall Rosales Pangasinan lost everything. 80% of the huge Mall was submerged in water . [via @juliusbabao] [10/10 09:00]
      • Our DZMM reporter Edwin Sevidal saw looters carrying appliances, grocery items and even cash registers from the SM Mall in Rosales. [via @juliusbabao] [10/10 08:19]
    • Umingan. Just found out that two of our family’s houses in Umingan, Pangasinan have been destroyed by flood. Hope Inang is ok! ='( [via @joanneisafoodie]
    • Villasis
      • Entire house(s?) swept away in Lipay Villasis. The house was in front of the dike. – from phone call [via @kryzjez] [10/10 12:09]
      • Flood waters in Lipay Villasis have subsided. Only a little water left. They will open the dam again. – from phone call [via @krysjez] [10/10 11:51]
      • For more info about Villasis, click here.

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  1. Batanes. Batanes Governor Telesforo Castillejos reports zero casualty count in his province. [via @ANCALERTS] [10/10 11:45]
  2. Cagayan. Food shortage in islands off Cagayan feared: [via @gmanews7] [10/13 20:30]
  3. Isabela. None archived.
  4. Nueva Vizcaya. None archived.
  5. Quirino. None archived.

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Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)

  1. Abra. None archived.
  2. Apayao. Anjo Cerdena: Nearly 2,000 hectares of farm land in Apayao destroyed by Pepeng, farmers say 6 month food supply affected [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 21:42]
  3. Baguio
    • Elec grid in Baguio slowly stabilizing, Itogon’s still affected by few fallen poles, while Sablan might take a few more days [via @daxumaming] [10/13 15:41]
    • Food shortage plagues Cordillera [via @thepocnews] [10/13 14:27]
    • Baguio Mayor Reinaldo Bautista optimistic of normalized operations after the two roads have been opened. [via @donronx] [10/13 8:15]
    • Kayan casualties [via @sagada] [10/13 6:42]
    • Supplies in Baguio dwindling, to last only 2 days [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/12 23:37]
    • Some food chains here in Baguio closed their stores. Wla na silang supplies. [via @djandurante] [10/12 15:38]
    • Fr Lissa, Baguio: Saw a little boy waiting by coffins of his entire family 2day. Pls continue to send help&prayers [via @cocoy] [10/12 14:03]
    • it’s true. jolilbee & kfc closed. sm out of meat products. gas shortages pa, 5 gas stations closed.Baguio-benguet is suffering. [via @gciecrownholder] [10/12 13:28]
    • Baguio update: No more sardines, veggies at SM. Most ppl now walking bec of gas shortage & rationing. (Source: Anjo Cerdena) [via @tonyocruz] [10/12 12:47]
    • Internet service restored today in Baguio but long lines of customers waiting in net cafes esp at SM [via Anjo Cerdena, @tonyocruz] [10/11 21:40]
    • Most Cordillera provinces still unaccesible, relief aid haven’t reached many areas [via Anjo Cerdena, @tonyocruz] [10/11 21:35]
    • Anjo Cerdena: No shortage in clothes for victims in Baguio. Ukay-ukay stores gave boxes upon boxes for relief ops. [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 22:33]
    • panic buying in baguio (even gasoline)! diesel all gone. Petron/Caltex supply all gone. Food all gone, stocks 300% higher than the usual! [via @SuperChef21] [10/11 22:21]
    • Anjo Cerdena:Cordillera situation may be much worse than what we now know. Region’s roads priority cleared 2 reach many areas. [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 22:09]
    • Anjo Cerdena: Rationing of car fuel in Baguio confirmed. Had to be done due to dwindling supply. [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 21:54]
    • Long lines at internet cafes in Baguio today. Even groups involved in relief ops have to fall in line: Anjo Cerdena [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 21:51]
    • Audrey Beltran confirms shortage of gasoline in Baguio City [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 16:06]
    • Some Baguio establishments have to close due to no supply like Ch0wking, Dunkin’ D0nuts and KFC.[via Danny Durante, @mlq3] [10/11 14:00]
    • Baguio update of diesel supply: Total – ubos na. Shell – maximum of 5 liters per customer (La Trinidad). Others: no info. [via Danny Durante, @mlq3] [10/11 10:37]
    • Bakakeng. A family of 9 crushed to death in landslide, incl a pregnant mother: Cordillera Peoples Alliance [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 16:13]
    • Ambuclao Road. We are trapped in Baguio. Our place near Ambuclao Road had a landslide. Alley to and from our place is impassable. [via @dennisprincipe] [10/10 09:19]
    • Crescensia Village. 4 rescued alive in buried house at Crecensia Village [via Danny Durante, @mlq3]
    • Yes. Baguio is in a bad way. The area between Session Road and Dominican Hill flooded beyond rooftops. [via @carlosceldran] [10/10 13:55]
    • Per Mayor Reynaldo Bautista: Things are getting better, says 50 are confirmed dead in Baguio due to landslides. [via @ANCALERTS] [10/10 08:36]
  4. Benguet
    • More landslides threaten Benguet school [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/17 01:04]
    • Benguet’s capital becomes a ‘Valley of Death’ — GMA News [via @tonyocruz] [10/15 15:17]
    • Tublay. link from YouTube, devastation of Pepeng in Tublay, benguet [via @gracey1018] [10/13 11:33]
    • Baguio was affcted but most deaths occurred n LaTrinidad.So pls dont 4get ths municipality wen bringing relief 2 “Baguio” [via @gracey1018] [10/13 11:12]
    • – Here goes the road cut in Marcos Hi-way, Benguet 🙁 [via @forkynikki] [10/12 22:20]
    • In nearby Benguet province, most of the 189 dead were recovered in a mountainside community [via @inglesantonio] [10/12 18:00]
    • 85 bodies retrieved in Puguis, La Trinidad, killed in landslide. Another 26 recovered in Guinaoang Mankayan: Cordillera Peoples Alliance [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 16:16]
    • Just happened: New landslide in Baco, Kelly Ucab, Itog0n Benguet. 1 c0nfirmed dead. [via Danny Durante, @mlq3] [10/11 10:38]
    • Benguet Gov. Nestor Fongwan: 148 dead in landslides; death toll may rise once inaccessible areas are reached [via @ANCALERTS] [10/10 17:36]
    • Benguet governor asks for more caskets [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/10 14:31]
    • 150 dead in Benguet [via @juliusbabao]
    • Benguet Memorial Homes confirms 5 deaths in Buyagan; bodies are now at BeGH [via @juliusbabao]
  5. Kalinga. None archived.
  6. Ifugao. None archived.
  7. Mt. Province.
    • Village in Mountain Province buried — Northern Dispatch [via @tonyocruz] [10/14 13:13]
    • #Pepeng news from Mountain Province [via@erolfornoles] [10/12 18:15]
    • 50 bodies recovered after landslide in Tadian, Mt Province: Cordillera Peoples Alliance [via @tonyocruz] [10/11 16:17]

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  • 62 towns in CLuzon, nation’s rice granary, still flooded – Nation – GMANews.TV – Official Website o… [via @gmanewstv] [10/14 8:53]
  1. Aurora. None archived.
  2. Bataan. None archived.
  3. Bulacan.
    • [Regions] 60% of Bulacan town still submerged [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/14 19:34]
    • For downstream Bulacan town, flood comes from its neighbors – Regions – GMANews.TV [via @gmanewstv] [10/13 10:15]
    • Tiga-Kalumpit ako at yung tubig tumataas pa habang nag uusap tayo dito sa twitter. Uh-OH! [via @iamkreo] [10/12 22:05]
    • 700 families evacuated as floodwaters swamp Bulacan towns: [via @gmanews7] [10/12 9:29]
    • 21/29 barangays flooded in CALUMPIT, BULACAN. Thank God hindi pa kami binabaha. sana wag nmn. [via @eyesglued] [10/11 22:56]
  4. Nueva Ecija
    • Number of submerged towns in Nueva Ecija down from 24 to 13 [via @ANCALERTS] [10/10 17:57]
    • Cabanatuan. Ryan Chua reporting from Nueva Ecija: The weather is getting better, it’s now sunny in Cabanatuan. [via @ANCALERTS] [10/10 10:35]
    • San Leonardo. Now experiencing floods because of the opening of dam gates – just talked to a family friend from there. [via @alcantarajp] [10/09 20:55]
  5. Pampanga
    • [Regions] Farmers, fishermen lose livelihoods in Pampanga towns [via @ABSCBNNews] [10/15 13:33]
    • Masantol. Water is rising in Masantol,Pampanga, a dam n Tarlac released water,residents werent told. one already drowned. Please help [via @Marioh_Caryo] [10/12 15:58]
    • Pampanga still under state of calamity; 10 municipalities, 91 barangays remain flooded [via @ANCALERTS] [10/10 17:46]
    • San Simon.San Simon, Pampanga is flooded. 🙁 part of the area is almost chest deep. please RT. thanks! [via @iamprettypines] [10/10 08:56]
  6. Tarlac
    • Camiling. Flying back. Camiling, Tarlac also a big lake. Walang lupa nakikita. Just water and treetops/ [via @MARoxas] [10/10 14:55]
    • La Paz. Now flooded. 17 barangays are now affected – the water continuing to rise as of this time. [via @iamdoclayo] [10/10 09:15]
    • Paniqui. Brgy. San Isidro, Paniqui is still flooded – residents were brought to the evacuation center yesterday. Until now, the water remains. [via @iamdoclayo] [10/10 9:15]
  7. Zambales. No updates.

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